Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday June 4, 2016 - The best 5 outfits

Over the last five days, I tried on a different dress with different pairs of shoes. Today I am going to pick the best five dress and shoe combinations and them pick the outfit and shoe combination for next Friday.

This is the only combination with a brown dress, that I liked. I did not like Monday's dress because I do not have a bra for it (due to the criss-cross straps and open back). I can not comfortably wear one of my bras with this dress because the dress straps do not work well with my  bra straps.  I like this dress (from Tuesday) better than Monday's dress. I like how it hugs by body and the color pallet.

My options for brown shoes are limited.  These brown shoes are a low wedge with an open toe. I think the shoe is too casual.

The limited shoe selection and I problems with my bra cause me to drop this option.


I like this dress and shoe combination the best from Wednesday. This is a nice dress and I can wear my pushup bra without a problem. I love these shoes with that dress. I bought them separately, but they work together. I really like this dress. The  print and colors look good on me.

However with these shoe I like the look, but not for a Doctor's office. These shoes are just a little to dressy. I would pick this outfit for a party or other event. So this option is out.


I like this dress. Especially the print and its sleeveless. I am wearing my favorite open toe strap heels. I like these heels better than the black pair bought by my daughter. I think these are slightly shoes more casual than the other pair. This is one of the finalists.


I like this dress. I ended up picking two combinations, from Friday's dress. I love the color, neckline and sleeves. The princess cut across the bottom of my breast line creates a nice body shape. The only problem with this outfit are the shoes. They are a blue closed toe flat. I want to be a little sexier that these flats will allow. This dress creates a great veiw of my "little girls" and I love the look. I received a few comments about this dress and I agree that I need to go for it.

But not with this combination.


This is my second combination with this dress. However, I am wearing my open toe black heels with the flowers. I like this combination.

The final selection is between OUTFIT C and OUTFIT E. Both combinatiomns have the same shoe. So it comes down to the dress. I love them both. However, the pushup bra creates a look with Friday's dress, that can not be denied.

I am meeting with my Doctor to begin HRT, and I want to show off what I already have. I am going to be out all day with a pedicure in the morning and a movie and dinner in the afternoon with my friend Karen.

This combination reflects how I will feel all day.

So it will be OUTFIT E.

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  1. Great choice. Love the look and wish I was in your "shoes" on the way too. Go for it girl. I also like what you are planning on doing for your journey and blog. That way many of us can live vicariously through your journey.