Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday June 11, 2016 - My Doctor's Appointment

I can not believe this day has come. I was so excited that of course my day did not go exactly as planned. But it was great and I got my scripts!!!!!

Well forget my plans from yesterday's post. For a life changing event that I have planned for years, somethings just go wrong.

I went to pick up a rental car for the day at about 7:00 am. I rent a lot of cars form the Dollar airport location, so everyone knows me. I was in boy mode because I could not sleep last night so I figured I would dress after I got the car.

About halfway home from the airport, I realized the care only had a 1/4 tank of gas. DARN!

My rental paperwork stated the car was full and would need to be returned full. So I drove back to the airport and waited to have the car filled with gas.

Now its 8:30 am and I needed to go to the bank and get my cash in the right account between banks. I am going to self pay for my appointment. I was told it would be $259 which included blood work. So I got to the bank at 9 am. I cashed a check and moved some cash around.

I got to the house at 9:30 am. and took a shower. Luckily, I shaved my head last night. I cancelled my Wednesday electrology appointment because I wanted to save my cash just in case. So I did shave my few facial whiskers. I was strange because I have not shaven in months. I think I have shaved twice in the past year.

I moisturized my face and body while I got my clothes out. I dressed and added my wig. I liked the look but the dress was kind of short.

I took off my wig and put on my face. Well nothing seemed to look right.My eyebrow pencils were either too light or too dark.I did not like the color of my eye shadow and my eyeliner did not look right. I tried three times to add false eyelashes but I could net get them to sit right. I realized I was being super critical. So I started over and did not add lashes.

By the time I finished my makeup and dressed, it was noon. So my pedicure was out. As a matter of fact, on my way to the Doctor's office which was normally a 30 minute trip, was estimated by google to be 60 minutes due to traffic. DARN!

So I headed out and turned off GPS and took my own detour. I made it on time, within 40 minutes. I am still better than GPS (LOL).

They treat me so well at this office. It reminds me of E3000 in Dallas, TX. When you go to a business that welcomes us, it is such a huge difference. They treated me like a lady and are so nice. Of course many if not most their clientele is LGBT and they have large Trans clientele, so the ID not matching and the use of both male and female names on the paperwork was not an issue.

I only waited about 10 mins before I was called in. The nurse took my weight. I wanted to weight under 165 but with my grands living with me, I was 179. Oh well, They move next weekend and I am going to get back on my calorie plan and down to under 165. But the hormones may change that. I really want a healthy weight with female curves. So we will see over the next two years, what happens.

The nurse asked a series of question about my sexuality and activity. She said it was for HIV screening. I was OK with it. She was surprised I was coming in to start HRT because she thought I was already on it.

After a few more test and questions, I was told to wait on the Doctor.

Soon he came in and we walked. He remember my last visit and we talked about different treatment options. I have been a subscriber to a yahoo HRT message group for over three years. So I knew a lot about HRT and the different options. I told the Doctor that I had research him years ago and I switched to him two years ago, so he would have some history on me. I was going to let him decide which treatment option was best for me based on his knowledge.

The nurse brought in an Informed Consent form. I signed it. Then the Doctor asked which pharmacy I wanted to use. I thought Walmart had the best prices and he agreed. So I choose the Walmart close to my house.

He gave me
Estradiol 2 mg pills - I asked about shots because it bypasses the liver. His issue is the cycling during the week because  you start with a lot and by the end of the week, its low. With pills, it passes thru the liver but its steady at 2 pills (4 mg) per day.
Spironolactone - This will push down my T-levels which will allow the estrogen to connect to my receptors without fighting testosterone.
Finasteride - This reduced DHT which is a by product of testosterone. Its the DHT that caused male pattern baldness and other male side affects. I have a history of prostate cancer (both grandfathers and father). So this also fights against prostate problems.

I did not need a blood test because I had one in August. He wants me to have one next month. Then two months later. After that, every 3 months. He wants to check my levels and see if any changes should be made to my regime.

I received many compliments from the staff and I felt so pretty and feminine. I scheduled my appointments and paid. A lady came in and stated she liked my jewelry. I said thank and walked out the door and into my new live. I am soooo happy.


  1. Fantastic! Is that 2mg twice a day? Right now I'm on 1mg twice a day until my endo ups the dosage. I realized last night that after only a week, my mood is so elevated. It's almost like a euphoria!

  2. My endro gave me the option of 1 2mg tab per day or 2. I am happy for you. I definitely know how you feel. No regrets, just moving forward.