Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday June 27, 2016 - Rest of Friday with Karen

After I left John at about 2 pm , I had time until my 5:15 movie meeting with Karen. So the first thing I did was go to the theater a get the two tickets. We were planning to see the new Independence Day and I was worried it might sell out. So getting the tickets early assured us of some good seats.

I parked and walking into the theater. It was very hot (about 95 degrees), so I had my hair up and off my neck and soulders. I decided I am going to buy some summer wigs with shorter hair, so I can handle this heat better.

Below are some short hairstyles I like:

Once inside, I went to customer service and picked up my tickets. I did not have to show my ID, as the employee was very courteous and used female pronouns.

I left the theater and drove over to MaDonalds because I had some computer work to complete before the movie. I brought in my computer bag and found a table near the TV on the wall which had an extra electrical plug. Eventhough I do not like to eat at McDonalds, I know they have free WIFI. Since I do not like to use their WIFI without buying something, I bought a hamburger meal and setup my PC.

I stayed about 2 hours and I seemed to blend in. No one gave me second look as I worked and nibbled on my food. I try and remember to eat slower and take smaller bites. But it's hard to do when I am either hungry or busy working. I also tried to sit up straight and not slouch (sound like my Mom) and bring the food up to my mouth. All types of people walked in and out and some stayed and ate. Not one person gave me more than a second glance. The employees were nice. The person who took my order was nice but did glace over many times. But I had a sense that she may have be FTM. She was young but her clothes and overall appearance, gave me that feeling. When I left the store, she was sweeping the floor and I saw her stop and watch me. I walked toward her a smiled. She smiled back and continued sweeping.

I left McDonalds after finishing my report and headed to PNC bank. I need to transfer some money. Luckily there was a branch across street from the theater. While in the bank I was treated as a female, even though I had to use my male ID. The manager was really nice and complimented me on my dress.

Once I left the bank, I drove across the street to the theater and parked. I went into the lobby and waited for Karen. She showed and we hugged. She told me I looked very nice today and wanted to hear about my lunch with my cousin.

The movie was good and I except to see a third installment.

I noticed that due to the heat, my deodorant had left me. I could smell myself. I do not know if anyone else could, but it was bothering me. So after the movie, I told Karen I wanted to go to CVS and look for deodorant towelettes. While in CVS, and man walked by us and hello and "you ladies" look nice. I smiled at Karen and she whispered, "See you look great". We are just two women shopping.

I could not find any towelettes. But before I left, I needed to use the bathroom. Remember, I have to drink alot of water and the meds (Spiro) makes me have to go to the bathroom more often. Last time I was at a CVS, they had a family bathroom. This store did not, so I went into the woman's bathroom. Karen waited outside as I used the bathroom, washed my hand and left. I was the only person in the two stall bathroom. If I have to use the bathroom, I like using CVS because the bathrooms are in the rear of the store and appear to be rarely used.

We were not hungry and could not figure out what we wanted to do, so I just drove around while we talked about my lunch with John. I showed her this $8 million dollar mansion I had to appraise this spring. Once we finished, it was about 9:30 pm and we had both had a long day. So I drove her back to her car and then headed home.

On my way home, I decided to stop at Sprout which is a health food store similar to Whole Foods. I was looking for some protein powder for my daily smoothies. While there, I found those deodorant towelettes. So I bought a box. I added some cinnamon roasted pecans, to snack on and some blueberries that were on sale. The male cashier asked it I found everything I needed and I said yes except for the protein powder. I am looking for a specific type and its hard to find. He used female pronouns and I smiled and thanked him as I paid.

I got home by 10pm and I was exhausted. I showered and removed my makeup and then went to bed.

It was busy day. Its days like this, that I know I am mentally ready to transition. Every where I went, I felt comfortable. I just have to continue the tap into my inner femininity and not slip back into my male mannerisms when I get comfortable.

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