Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday June 2, 2016 - 4th of 5 Outfits

Each day this week (M-F), I will model one of my five dress outfits. I will wear one of these outfits on June 10, 2016, to  my Doctor's appointment.

This is my black/white dress. This dress is sleeveless and I like the circular shape of the neckline. It was hard for me to hide my bra straps. You might be able to see a little bit of my white bra at the connection of the circular neckline and the dress. Its at the outer corner near the base of my shoulder. I pinned my bra strap under the dress shoulder strap

I kept my heart necklace on along with my shell bracelets.

 Here is a close up look at this dress. I love the way it hangs on me and shows some slight and nice curves.

This picture shows me in a pair of black flats. I like this dress in heels and not flats. But this pair is OK.

Here I am wearing my white flats. This dress looks better with the white flats than the previous dress. I think its because this dress has more white in its print. So it does a better job of blending with the white shoes.
I am wearing my older basic black heels. I love these heels because they are so comfortable. But for June 10th, I really want something open toe.
These open toe heels were a gift from my daughter. I like how they look with this dress. Because they are black, they do not take away from the dress. Yet they do a good job of highlighting my feet and legs.
I am wearing my black open toe heels with the flower above the toes.

I love these shoes. I like how my feet and toes match the shape and style of these shoes. I said previously that this shoe is getting old as the ankle strap is flaking off its black material.

I have another pair of black open toe heels with an ankle strap. But I will miss these shoes and the flowers just above the toes.

Its going to be hard to find another flowery pair.

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