Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday June 23, 2016 - Yesterday's electrology session

This was my first session in 30 days. It took about 75 minutes to clear my face. My tech and I agreed that 30 days will be the new time between sessions.

I had hoped to be finished when I stated HRT. I could probably live with this much facial hair because it takes about four days before any regrowth. However, I will keep the monthly sessions for now. The reason is my HRT meds are not that expense ($50 per month) which less than an hourly session. So its within my budget to continue.

This session seemed to hurt more than the others. Its my first post-HRT session. I could slightly feel the needle going in my hair follicle and the pain was a little more intense. If my sensitivity continues to increase, I may stop due to the increased pain.

I do not think I can eliminate 100% of my facial hair. However, if I can get my monthly sessions down to under 45 minutes, that should complete my sessions. I started with my local tech in December 2014 and it took an hour every week. After 6 months, it was 1 hour every two weeks. Now a year later its 1 hour every 1 month.

Once its less than 1 hour every month, I can make an appointment if I notice too may hairs growing back. As I will need to probably shave once a week, just to keep those few hairs down. But I  lost my beard shadow a little over a year ago.

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