Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday June 15, 2016 - Group RX - lower you prescription costs

 I found this web site that helps you lower your prescription costs. I am currently on four prescription medicines. Three for HRT and one for glaucoma. I currently do not have insurance, so I pay for my meds in cash. This free site has saved me money.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Add your medicines
  3. Site will find the low cost pharmacies in your area
  4. Site will print a coupon to take to the pharmacy

I followed the four steps above and took the Walmart coupon and Kroger coupon to the respective stores.

At Walmart, I have my HRT prescription. I took the printed coupon and discount card. At the drop off counter I asked if they accepted Good Rx. They said yes and added the information from the discount card into their system. My estradiol and finasteride were already low.

Before discount - $70.00
Estradiol - 60 ct - 2 mg tab = $9.00 
Finasteride - 30 ct - 5mg tab = $8.00
Spironolactone - 60 ct - 100mg - $53.00

After discount - $50.00 - 28.5% reduction
Estradoil - 60 ct - 2 mg tab = $9.00 
Finasteride - 30 ct - 5mg tab = $8.00
Spironolactone - 60 ct - 100mg - $33.00

I then went to Krogers. I have one medicine which lantoprost. It cost me $57.00. I showed them my card and coupon. They accepted both and my cost dropped to $19.00 or a 67% reduction.

Below is a link to more information about the site.

How does GoodRx make money?

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