Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday June 15, 2016 - Got emotional yesterday.

Yesterday, I was at the pharmacy and I saw an older lady with her young grandson walking past me. It made me think of the paternal grandmother.

I lived in the same town as my paternal grandparents. We called her Nana. She was from Texas and born in 1902. I remember her as a great cook from scratch and we use to have all of our holiday meals there.

When I saw the grandmother and her son, I got very emotional thinking about my grandmother. I did not cry but the emotions quickly bubbled up and my eyes teared up.

I grew up as a very emotional little boy. Up still 7th grade, I always would cry when I got upset.

The summer between 6th and 7th grade, I decided  to control my emotions and stop crying. I was becoming a man and men do not cry. Especially not in the 1960's.

But I miss those emotional connections and I am very happy that its coming back. I look forward to crying and getting my feeling out. Because I think its healthy. Keeping my feelings bottled up all these decades was not healthy.

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