Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday June 12, 2016 - After my Doctor's appointment

I left the Doctor's office at 2:30 pm. I was on cloud nine while I figured out my next stop. Karen and I were going to the movies at 4:05 pm to see Warcraft. The theater was only about 15 minutes away. However it was Friday in Atlanta, so traffic will probably going to make it 30 minutes. I decided to go get the tickets now and wait for Karen.

True to form, the traffic slowed me down and I picked up the tickets around 3 pm. The lady at the counter used female pronouns and did not ask for my ID. I picked out the seats and placed the tickets in my purse.

I had about 1 hour before the movie started and I realized I had not eaten all day. I was so excited and trying to get ready since picking up the rental car at 7:30 am, I did not eat. While I was hungry and needed to eat, I decided to go to McDonalds.

I do not like McDonald's except for their french fries. I wanted something quick to take the edge off because I did not want to eat too much popcorn at the theater.

I drive to McDonald's, parked the car and went in. It was uneventful as I was treated like a lady and female pronouns were used.

I took it to go and drove back to the theater. It was hot outside, so I parked in the basement parking lot. I found a space up front and next to the basement entrance. I bought a two cheeseburger meal and ate it while listening to music.

At about 4:00 pm, I decided to go in and wait in the lobby. Karen was running late and arrived at 4:15 pm. There were no seats in the lobby so I walked around and looked at the coming soon posters. Then I decided to walk over to a clothing store attached to the theater. On the way I saw Karen drive up and park, So I went back into the theater.

We hugged and she said I looked great. So we went in and got a large popcorn to share. We walked in just in time as the movie was starting. It was a good action movie.

After the movie, it was still early, so we decided to go somewhere and talk plus have a drink. She suggested a nice hotel with a bar and sitting area. I drove over and parked. We walked into the hotel. I have to remember as two women, not to open the door. In some cases the door was opened for us.

We walked thru the lobby to the bar. I did notice the male host at the restaurant across the lobby looking at us. But we were talking about the movie. Once we sat down in the lounge, the waitdress came over and asked what "your ladies" wanted. I told her I was driving, so it was water for me. Karen ordered a beer.

We then spent to next 90+ minutes talking about my appointment today and how I felt. I love talking to Karen because it's two women talking and I can tell her exactly how I feel. She kept telling me how pretty I looked and that my legs were to die for. She expects that after some time on hormones, even though I "pass" now, I will be perceived 100% female, even when not trying. She said my skin and makeup looked so good.

We talked about my breasts and that she did not know I has so much.. I told her I wear a sports bra everyday to hide them but I wanted them out today as a sign of my acceptance of them.

We walked around the hotel for awhile because there was a southern video game expo. It was too late to get in but they had some old games in the hallway. I am not a video game player and these were the old machines like Pac Man.

As we walked, Karen whispered to me that this guy was following us. I asked her how she knew. She stated, as a woman, you must become aware of your surrounding and be more aware of safety. So she always uses her periphery vision to watch what is happening around her. I need to start doing that. I usually concentrate on walking, mannerisms and voice. These are more inward looking things. But I need to look outward.

As we moved down the escalator back to the lobby, the guy stayed up stairs and was looking at his phone when I turned around. Karen thought he was looking at me and my legs because of how he was positioning himself and looking in my direction and below the neck.

Next we decided to eat dinner. I choose a restaurant called Tin Drum. It's an Asian quick serve restaurant. Karen is a vegetarian  so ordering one of their bowls would give her some options.

After dinner and more talking about girl stuff and my transition, we decided it was getting late (10 pm) and we both needed to head home.

I got home by 11:15 pm and showered and then straight to bed.

What a great day.

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