Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday June 24, 2016 - I have a young relative who might be Trans

I was waiting until today to discuss the possibility that a young 24-year old cousin maybe trans. And if so, it explains a lot.

After coming home Sunday from NJ, I was told by my daughter that a cousin confided in her that he maybe trans. I immediately though that this makes sense. This young guy (I will use male pronouns until I talk with him today) was very outgoing when he was young. He wanted to be a Pastor like him paternal Grandfather. At 8, he use to practice giving a sermon and he was pretty good.

But once he hit puberty, as with most people, he changed. But he changed in a bad way. He struggled to finish high school as he fantasized about being a kicker in the NFL. But would not go out for his high school football team. While in High School he had a small number of friends. After high school, he decided not to continue is education.

So he lives a home with his parents and has few friends and rarely works. What he does do is drink, smoke and take drugs. I have never known him to have a girlfriend. Therefor, I felt he was part of the LGBTQ community and that his self destruction was due to him being gay. Coming from a religious background and his early hope of being a pastor, I felt he had alot of internal conflict.

Once I learned he might be Trans, I quickly told his mother that I wanted to talk to him. She said yes as she is at her wits end and just wants help.I told her I was trans.

So I called him Monday and told him I might have an opportunity for him and that I wanted to meet him Friday. I am going to meet him at 12:30 pm today, at his house as Susan. I am going to wear the dress, pictured on the left.

I want to talk to him openly about being trans and determine if he maybe trans based on his history and current feelings

I am excited because if he is trans, I can definitely help him find his level and at the same time use his gender dysphoria  to motivate him  stop smoking, drinking and doing drugs. If he decides to clean up his act, find a job and think about school, Aunt Susan to get his/her life together.

It may sound like alot of ifs, but I am going to explain to him that to be the woman he wants to be,smoking, over drinking and drugs will work not make you pretty. Getting a job is important, so he can have an income that will help support his transition which will include getting his own place. Finally, getting a degree or being certified, will increase his potential income, which will support a better lifestyle.

After this meeting, I am planning on going to the movies with Karen to see Independence Day. We are going to talk about my meeting and if I have a possible young mentee. I am kind of excited about the opportunity to help.

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