Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday June 4, 2015 - Wednesday was another fun Femboy Day

 Wednesday was another day out. I had to go run some errands for awhile and then get back in the office to work. When I got back into my home office..

This was a new outfit based on a blue palette:
Teal leggings form Walmart
Multiple blue colored top from Goodwill
Light Blue under top from Goodwill
Blue/White/Black hat from Goodwill
Black flats from Shoe Show

I put this blue outfit together because I wanted to wear the teal leggings I bought last winter. I finally had enough items to create a wardrobe for it.

I liked the light blue under top because it was longer than the outer top and created a contrast line across my hips. Also the under top had wide straps that shown across my collar bone. The outer top had a wide collar that did not cover those straps. I had to make sure my bra straps stayed under my under top's straps. I do not like it when the bra straps shows but the under top straps are wide enough to indicate that they are not bra straps and they create a color contrast with light blue at the collar and hips against the dark blue.

My belt does not show, but it is the same color as the under top.

Here is a full length picture of my outfit. My jewelry was silver based and I had on blue earrings with my favorite black pocketbook.

I went to two CVS stores, Auto Zone and a Colon Cleaning Spa.

I will discuss my visits with a blog post this weekend. Tomorrow, I will continue my Tuesday activities.


  1. Even if I did not know we were similar in age your sensitivity about not showing your bra strap would put you in my age group. My wife and I both feel that bra straps should not be seen. At our age underwear was to be worn under clothes...not seen.

    1. Yes. As we get older we sound more like our mothers and/or grandmother. I remember my grandmother being upset about miniskirts.