Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday April 7, 2015 - Electrology today but no Femboy

Darn Girl! Today I have my electrology appointment. Usually, I would go as a Femboy and then run errands. But today, I am headed out of town to Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard,  CT for business. I am going with a group and the male mode (yuck), is required.

So, no getting pretty today. I will get a chance during the week. I am going to go to my old hometown and spend the day, as a Femboy. This will be an emotional day because I am going to all the places I use the frequent as a child and young adult, that are still open. This will include my old summer camp, summer job, local mall and local eatery. These are all places I would have loved to have gone to as a girl. Now 40-45 years later, the girl has arrived.

This is a way to connect with my past and tell it that I am making it. I am finally on my journey.

I will also visit my Dad's and his parents' grave site. I just want to talk to them and let them that everything is OK. That I did what I promised to do and I want to take this last transitional journey before I come visit them.

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