Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday February 26, 2016 - Fashion Colors

Matching colors within my feminine wardrobe is a challenge for me. Growing up and being forced to wear boy clothes, I hated shopping and I would wear anything. My dad was a clothes guy. He bought high quality clothes and matched all the time. He use to take me shopping at stores like Barney's in New York City and try to get me to dress better. But it was my form of rejecting having to wear male clothes.

In college my friends use to call me "colorman" because I would wear any color and print at anytime. Once I started working, I began to wear basic colors.

So I never learned how to match colors within my female wardrobe. Now I use this color infograghic to help me match colors.

I like this chart because it matches the background color with four other colors. I am excited to finally get a chance to build my female wardrobe. I finally love to shop.

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