Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday September 17, 2015 - Shoe Shopping

On Tuesday, I did go look at some shoes at both Payless Shoes and Shoe Show.

Shoe Show has that tan shoe I want. But it was originally $29.95. I saw the shoe for $22.95 because of a buy one get the second one and half price sale.

I asked the sales clerk, if they had this shoe in my size. I did not see a size 12 pair on the shelve.

The clerk stated that she also loves that shoe. It was a fast seller and she has a pair, size 8.5 on layaway in the back.

I told her I loved this shoe and was waiting for it to be on sale.

However, I was told that the larger sizes are gone and to check back often. Thursday is their shipment day and that I should check back on Friday. By Sunday, the larger sizes will probably be sold. This sales clerk is so nice to me. Every time I come in we talk about shoes and/or clothes.

At Payless Shoes, I tried on three pair of shoes I liked.

 This open toes shoe was cute and did not hurt my feet. I liked the color, but really did not see a need for this pair in my wardrobe.
 I usually do not like pointed toe shoes because they make my feet look too long. However, these shoes looked pretty and did not make my feel appear too long. Maybe it was the square silver emblem on the shoe. But I liked it. The color and style was different for me but nice.
Finally, I tried on a new pair of black flats. But I like the pair I bought at Shoe Show this spring. I am not ready to replace those.

I do not need a second pair of black flats.

Overall, I was just looking on Tuesday. I did not have much money and I do not want to buy and not need it. I am looking for flats in colors I do not have or are hard to find.

In heels, I have enough until next fall, when I start presenting more as a female and not a femboy.

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