Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday January 13, 2015 - Makeup

I was at the Beauty Store Sunday and bought this set of eye shadow. I have been looking for a nice set with certain colors and I found the colors I was looking for in this set.

I am going to take some fem time and play with my eyes. I want to add some eye shadow to my femboy look.

As I gain confidence in that look, I want to keep pushing the envelop.

I have an idea of the look I want:
     A neutral color base covering my eyelids up to my eyebrows. Then a darker color in the crease. Finally, add white under the raised arch of my eyebrow and along the front edge of my eyelids. The white will hopefully make my eyelashes and the raised corner of my outer eyebrows stand out.

The eye shadow set I bought has the neutral, white, dark color and a few other colors. So I can play with my idea and add additional colors to see what works the best.

I will blend it all in to give that cute subtle look.

I know its easier said than done. So I look forward to my fem time. I will also include some time to play with my new wig. During this fem time, I usually complete a total body shave in the tub with bubble bath and skin-so-soft (once every 2 weeks) and a self manicure that includes clear nail polish.

I want to add eyeliner and eye shadow to my femboy look. While the wig lets me work on my total female look. I might get out as a femboy this week, but with a lot of business work to complete, I may just play around at home.

I like to do this sometimes because I can play and try things, then wash it off and try again.

My sister and her friends use to spend hours as teenagers playing with makeup and clothes. I  wished I could join them back then. Now I can and its fun.

Hopefully, I can find some friends and we can have a fem day party and play with clothes and makeup.

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