Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday February 5, 2016 - Femboy day

Today I am back in the electrology chair after about 8 weeks. I needed to take off  a few sessions in December and January because of my finances, the holiday and my mother's death.

I am back on schedule and hope to finish by this summer. I did not realize that if I do not get my face cleared every 2 weeks, then I need to shave these remaining whiskers about once a week. That is not bad considering I use to have to shave twice a day, especially if I was wearing makeup.

In boy mode, I use to shave daily. Now, once a week is ok. In Femboy mode, I do not shave because I am between sessions and I need to let my facial hair grow. As Susan, I do shave because I need to have a clear face before adding foundation.

After my electrology session, I am going to run some errands and shop all day. It's cold in Atlanta today. So that picture you see, is not what I will be wearing. The good think is that I will be able to wear my grey/white pea coat I bought in December 2014.

Will post my activities later today and tomorrow.

Here is my outfit for today.

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