Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday February 13, 2015 - Pedicure

While out on Tuesday, I got a pedicure. I went to the same place, I went before and asked for the same technician. There were a few ladies in the store, so I had the wait. A lady with her teenage daughter was there and her daughter was getting her first set of nails. The girl appeared to be a young teen and I was surprised she was not in school.

As I told the lady up front that I wanted a pedicure, the mother and daughter were talking about nails and did not respond to the manager who had just finished with me. So the manager repeated herself and the mother before answering stated that she thought the lady was still talking to me. The mother referred to me as "him".

Which was OK because as a Femboy, I am not attempting to pass, just show my femininity.

So I sat down and waited. Last time I had a French Tip nail polish. This time I decided to go with pink in anticipation of  Spring. I walked over to the wall of polishes and picked my color. I felt comfortable waiting like any lady for my water to be drawn and the technician finishing with her current client.

When directed, I sat down, took off my flats and trouser socks. I put both feet in the warm water and gave my technician my polish. She does not speak English which allows her to concentrate on her work. That last sentence sounds cold. I would like small talk while she works but since we really can not communicate, we can both concentrate on what we are doing. She gives me hand directions and I smile and nod my head in agreement.

The lady next to meet had just finished her manicure and was having a pedicure with the same red nail color that is on your finger nails. As I watched TV, ladies came in and out to have work done. One lady brought her young son who sat across from me and played with his video game and not once looking at me.

I felt at home and relaxed. I read some articles on my phone and returned emails. When I made eye contact with other ladies, we exchanged smiles.

Below are some pictures of the tech working on my feet, just before she polished my nails.

Also I have a short video of the art work she did on my big toes.

I did not like that shade of pink. I think a darker pink, maybe a rose color might be better. But I like the art work.

I brought my own flip flops this time. Last time I had to use their "throw away" flip flops and they were too small for me. These looked better and after some time under the drying lamp, I was able to walk out to my car in flip flops that were the correct size.

I may go back and have a new polish put on. Something a little darker.

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