Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday February 26, 2015 - Rest of My Tuesday's Femboy day

Yesterday, I blogged about my shoe shopping experience. Sadly, because of my workload, I had to go home and could not run many additional errands. That was too bad because the compliment I received by the young lady energized me.

This is why I am encouraging more of us to get out. You can not come close to the feeling you get when complimented in public. All of the years inside can not equal one unsolicited compliment.  I have had compliments from both male and female store clerks. In the general public, its only been women. I think part of that is because they are more observant and know how hard it is to get that style right.

I love it creating that Femboy look.  My look is based on how I feel that day, what is in my closet and how I can push the envelop. The reaction of the public has been great and that has given me the confidence to do more.

After I left the shoe store, I went to Krogers next store to find some energy bars on sale. I usually eat one bar for breakfast. But I am out of them. I like buying them at the close-out section because they are very inexpensive. As you may know I am a frugal girl.

They did not have any energy bars at the closeout section. But, I did buy some new rubber gloves for cleaning and washing dishes. My current one have a hole in them.

I headed home after leaving Krogers.

Once I got home, I took off my coat but my office is cool. So I put on my pink poncho. I also decided to wear my wig and play with different styles.

I really like this wig and I am going to take some time in the near future to play with different styles and create different looks.

I thought I might get back out, but my computer was acting up and I lost some work. Recreating that work kept me in my office until 8 pm.

Afterwards. I ate, changed and headed for the gym for an hour of cardio.

I have decided that I am going to feminize my workout outfit. This spring, I am going to introduce yoga pants with a long tight t-shirt. I will color coordinate my outfit this with some ankle socks and women sneakers. Below is an example.


  1. There is something special when we are out and about while dressed and we receive a compliment. I do not live in fool's paradise and surmise that with my age, height and weight that I will not stick out. If I were playing football I would be considered a large linebacker. I nevertheless work hard to look as good as possible and make lemonade out of lemons. Most of my outings are to T safe places such as LGBT clubs and bars. I have been complimented on my wigs, my dresses, my makeup and my shoes and every time it makes me feel wonderful. I have also recieved several compliments from GGs and I realize that it is more a part of GG culture to notice and comment on other women's attire and presentation. As such I am now trying to be as complimentary to other T folks and GGs as possible.


    1. I also compliment GG's whenever possible whether in boy mode or Femboy mode. I now know how it feels and the time it takes to get that right look. So complimenting GG's and other T girls is important to me. I hope it helps make their day.