Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday February 25, 2015 - Shoe Shopping

I love female shoe shopping. Yesterday I stated that I did not have a black pair of boots. So after my electrology session, I went boot shopping. Of course at this late date in the season, there is not a lot of inventory.

I went to Show Show store because they have a nice inventory of shoes in size 12 and the prices are low.

The first shoe store I went to was just down the street from my electrologists' office. It's a smaller store and the boot inventory was low.

So I went to a bigger store closer to my home. At that store, I only saw one pair I was interested in.

I like this boot, but it was only in brown and I need a black pair.

It was a short knee boot or long ankle boot. It has buckles and fur which I like. Also it does not make my legs look too skinny.

After a few minutes, I decided to look for some nice open toe shoes.

I tried on these two shoes pictured below. They have a similar style. I like the one on the left with the ankle buckle. It has two buckles and the top one, which my pants cover, does work and allow you to tighten the shoe around your ankle. The shoe on the right has a front clip and a rear zipper. I like how they look and feel, but I decided against buying a pair because I need to find some boots.

This is a picture of me after putting on my makeup at the electrologist's bathroom. I included this picture because of what happened to me at the shoe store.

While I was trying on those shoes, a mother and her young adult daughter were near me trying on shoes. The mother was looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding this weekend.

The daughter turned to me asked where I got my gray leg warmers and how much I paid. I told her I paid $5.00 at Payless shoe store.

She stated that she wanted to get a few pair in different colors.

I stated, I like them too, especially when I am wearing flats and its cold outside.

She then stated that she liked my clothing style and that I looked nice. I smiled and said thank you.

That put me on cloud nine. I felt so good. It reminds me of the lady in December 2014 at Goodwill, who thought I was in the fashion business.

The young lady then mentioned a store that is having sale on leg warmers for $2.99. I told her I am going to get a few pairs in different colors, just like her.

After I left the store, I felt great and did not want to go home to work. But I had to. So I decided to stay in Femboy mode while working at home in case I might go out later.

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