Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday February 14, 2015 - Rest of my Femboy Day - Part 1

Tuesday, I ran many errands. Actually, I could not get to all of them.  After my pedicure I went to six different stores. This post is about my first three stops. The last three stops will be discussed in tomorrow's post.

CVS Drug Store

I needed to get some items from CVS. There is a transgendered manager that works at this location. I have seen her over the years transform into a very pretty women. I was hoping she was working today because I was going to tell her she was a hero to me as I watch her grow from afar.

But she was not there. Darn!

I had a Cover Girl coupon and I used it to buy some more lip gloss and nail polish. Also, I needed restock some of my bath items.

Everyone was nice to me as I shopped with other women in the makeup section and throughout the store.

GIM Computer

I had to get my laptop serviced. I have been using this computer store since 1998. I know the shop owner well because I use him for all of my computer needs. Also, I wanted to purchase a second used laptop as a backup. I dropped my computer off on Monday and came back today to pick it up and buy the backup. Needless to say, he had not seen me in my Femboy mode. This was the first time I went to a store that knew me well in boy mode.

The owner said hello and we talked. He had my main laptop ready and I bought a second one from him. I noticed the technician brought me my repaired machine and hung around. As we talked a young college student came in who a masculine girl. She was in her early 20's with short hair and boy clothes. (S)he was looking to buy a new screen for her desktop. So the technician went to help her.

I smiled and thought if one day technology would allow us to switch bodies. It would be a great deal for me, but I do not think she would want a 58 year old male body. But I could do wonders with a 20+ year old female body :-}.

The owner treated me as he always does and acted like there was no difference. But there obviously was. I had on light but noticeable makeup and feminine clothes.
Smoothie King

After I left GIM Computers, I went down the street to Smoothie King. I was hungry and had a taste for a smoothie. Their prices are kind of high, but it was going to be a meal replacement and I had not had breakfast or lunch. It was going on 1 pm.

I entered the store and decided to go into the bathroom (unisex) to check my appearance. The door was unlocked, when I opened it, a male employee was on the toilet. I quickly closed it and I heard him lock the door.

I was embarrassed and went to the ordering station to place my usual order. When I got to the pay station, that employee walked up to the cash register. He said he was sorry that he did not lock the door. I also said I was sorry that I did not knock first.

I could tell he was a little uncomfortable taking my order. I do not know if it was my appearance, our bathroom mix up or both. He keep shifting his gaze and did not look me in my face. I paid for my smoothie. I said bye as I took it. I checked the bathroom again and the door was locked. I think a new customer beat me to the bathroom. So I left.

I learned a lesson to always knock and check the door lock before entering a small one person unisex bathroom.

All of the employees were nice to me and I appreciated the apology from the young male employee over the bathroom mix up.

So far the morning was fun. I got my pedicure and made three stops on the North side of town. There were no issues and I am feeling confident. I think that confidence I now portray helps.

I have three more stops on the South side of town and I was worried about that first stop.

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