Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday February 17, 2015 - Weekly Electrology Appointment

I got up late this morning and for the first time quickly dressed and ran out the door to my appointment. At first I thought I should just go in boy mode. Then I figured, what is the difference between boy mode and femboy mode? Just a few items!  Since I had an idea of what I wanted to wear, I decided to go for it.

Saturday, I just bought 4 pair of leggings that were on sales. It's funny because they were the smaller sizes that they were trying to get rid of and that is now my size (Small 4-6). So the weight control is worth it.

 It is freezing in Atlanta, but did not snow yesterday. So I picked out a red sweater to go with a caramel pair of leggings. I added some tan tights and brown shoes. Later, I thought about it and decided that I should have worn my beautiful light brown fur boots. But I was in a hurry and missed that opportunity to wear them. I was a little wet outside, but I could have kept them clean and dry.

I was not going to wear makeup until after my morning session because of  my eyes water and will smear the mascara.

I added my light jacket and threw on some rings, a bracelet and earrings. I did not wear a necklace due to time. I am going to need a necklace I can throw on quickly. All of my necklaces are chains in which I have to add a pendant. This allows me to mix and match colors and lengths.

Finally, I put on a multi-colored scarf that I bought at Payless.

I got dressed in 10 minutes without makeup which is fast for this femboy.

I will write a post or two about what happened today, starting with tomorrow's post.

Have a good day, but I have to go.

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