Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday February 23, 2015 - Told another one

I have three daughters in their twenties. Earlier, I told my oldest daughter that I was transgendered. She is the one married with two kids.

Well, yesterday, I was out with my middle daughter. We went to the grocery store. She is 27 and an artist. She works for the government, running an after school program and an entrepreneur who operates a summer art camp.

She was always an artist and different. She is always very observant which is why she asked me about my long eyelashes when I started wearing mascara.

As we were driving home, she asked me what was wrong. It caught me off guard, so I told her about my history of being transgendered.

Our talk went well and she said she did not know. I always though she may have known because when she was in high school she asked if it was OK if one of my daughters was a lesbian. I told her is was OK and I would still love her and be there for her.

Now she was saying the same thing to me. It made me think about as we get older we become the children and our children become the parents.

So far so good. I can not wait for my next Femboy Day, this Tuesday with my Electrologist appointment in the morning. I always have to remember, "no pain no gain".

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