Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday February 15, 2015 - Rest of my Femboy Day - Part 2

Atlanta, always has traffic and Tuesday afternoon was no different. I reached the southside of Atlanta by 2:30 pm. My first stop was a lawn mower repair shop. My wife had taken the blade to the shop to have it sharped.

I had never been there before and had to use my cell phone Google mapping service to find it. I asked my wife to text me the address yesterday and I would pick it up.

I stopped by the bank and used the ATM drive thru to get the cash, just in case this shop does not take and debit card.

Lawn Mower Blade

I found the place it was an older place with the technicians and what looked like a few customers hanging around. The blade was ready for pickup, but I was nervous for the first time today. Its an older building with older men hanging around. Its the kind of place you would expect some issues if you were a cis-women. As a Femboy, it could be tough. I expected at least stares and maybe some talk behind my back.

I got out of the car and walked slowly toward the entrance. I told the older guy, I there to pickup a blade. He said that my wife told him to expect me. I walked past the three other guys. They were definitely technicians based on their clothes and rough hands. The place was old and dirty. Its the kind of place you would expect repair work to take place.

To my surprise, no one said anything and the older guy (I suspected was the owner) retrieved the blade. They referred to me with male pronouns and Sir, which was fine with me. Usually in these small businesses, they may not take debit cards. So I had cash, but he nor his main assistant had any change (for a $20). So, I ended up using a debit card anyway.

The other guys were walking around both the inside and outside of the shop acting as if I did not exist. In my male voice, I thanked the older guy for his quick turnaround and quickly got in my car.

Wow, in the past, there was no way I would have went into that store in Femboy mode with these guys hanging around. And I was expecting a more negative reaction to me. If not some negative verbal reaction at least some looks and pointing.

But none of that happened.

Payless Shoes

My next stop was at the Payless down the street. I went in the try on some heels and look for some new flats.

I had a coupon for 15% emailed to me, so if there was a good deal, I would use it.

There were some OK shoes but nothing I wanted. The cashier was helpful as usual. I tried on a few flats and a couple of heels. But none of them worth buying. The cashier asked if I was leaving without buying anything. I told her what I was looking for. So she went into the back to see if there were any size 12 flats that were not out on the floor. All of the size 12 shoes were out.

However, the store had a sale on  scarves.I liked the white scarf, I bought from that store. So I walked over to check the display. They are offering a 30% discount and coupon was good for an additional 15%.

I bought three scarves, grey, red and multi-color. I like these scarves and the color works with both pea coats.

Ultra Beauty
My final stop was to check out makeup. First, I brought my L'Oreal mascara and I wanted to know when its time to buy another one.

The store was not too crowded and I asked a young customer service rep about my mascara. She stated that as long the mascara is not clumpy, It was good to use.

The young sales lady's makeup looked very good. So I asked her what products she used. Her foundation was flawless. The only thing I did not like was her long eyelashes. They were too long and not natural.

I enjoyed talking makeup and getting some ideas. She showed me some blush options and I ended up buying some along with her recommended makeup remover.

I am going to add a little blush to my Femboy look, next week. After my next week electrology  session, I will add blush for the day. It will be very light and used for contouring and brightening my face. 

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