Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday February 2, 2015 - Spring Femboy Fashion

I was thinking that all of my Femboy outfits are for fall and winter. I have some nice dark colors and my two pea coats.

But I do not have any nice spring outfits. I do have a couple of nice spring jackets and hoodies, but no outfits. With spring coming soon to Atlanta, Georgia (March), I need to start looking.

So I put together a Femboy outfit for this spring and starting tomorrow, my next Femboy day, I am going to buy a few outfits for spring.

Here is an example:

Follow Susan's board Spring Femboy Outfits on Pinterest.

The outfit above is a green/yellow ensemble with the outerwear of yoga pants and sleeveless jacket green. The cami top and shoes are yellow. The brown pocketbook brings the yellow shoes and cami together with the green hoodie and pants.

The hoodie works until the summer. Then I will need to find something other than t-shirts and knee length leggings.

Finally, I found two nice necklace pendants that have yellow, green and brown in them.

I love these spring colors. Spring is my favorite time of the year with the flowers blooming and the warm weather.

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