Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday February 19, 2015 - Excited about a Shoutout on

I have been following for many years. Stana's blog is a  must read in our community and it was a major reason why I started blogging. I have seriously blogged for only a few months and sometimes it hard to figure out what to say.

Well I noticed many bloggers in our community have been blogging almost daily for many years.

I am a Star Trek fan and love to think about time displacement. What if the current you could go back in time to meet the past you.

For you non-trekees, The picture on the left is Captain Jayneway going back in the past to help her younger self make the correct decision to beat the Borg and get Voyager back home.

Ok, back to current time.

I suggested to Stana, that she "go back in time" and review her older posts to see how things have changed. I am honored that she thought I had a good idea. Today's Femulate post is her first successful attempt at discussing the changes that have occurred since that original post.

I hope other bloggers would think about trying the same thing. It would be interesting to read the comments of the present person discussing their past and how things have changed.

Stana's current hair is lovely but I think the curliness of the older hair style is very cute. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of a curlier hair style with curly bangs and curls around cheek level. I think it rounds the face and makes the face less angular and more feminine.

Here are a few styles, I have been thinking about.

I do not know about this hair. It might be too long which makes the face appear longer.

I might just like the model's stunning look. But the curliness softens the face.

I like this hair length and the lighter color. I would add a little more dark streaks in the hair and the style adds a little too much on the top.

I like that you can see the earrings. I do not like using the hair to cover to much of the face, because its look like you are hiding.

But the curls add the volume that makes the face appear smaller and rounder.

This hair is similar to the previous one, just darker and a little shorter. I see some women in a cheaper version of this style and you can easily tell its a wig.

This wig would have to be made of high quality hair and a lace or silicon cap.

I would like some lighter streaks. But it would be great for the hot Georgia summers because it would give some relief to my neck.
This style covers too much of the ears, but the length is good.

Its similar to the previous two styles.

I would like some darker streaks and as above, it must be made of quality material.

These short curly styles are cute but must be quality or it will look like a floppy hat or worse, a rug.

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