Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday February 19, 2015 - My Femboy Day - Part 2

Tuesday after my session, I did get out. I am now fearless. I feel, after last week, I can go anywhere.

My first stop was Subway, because I was starving. Subway is one of my main food stops because I have an app that allows me to calculate the calories of anything I eat.

I had not eaten, so I ordered my usual  ham sandwich but added cheese and pepperoni to add flavor and calories.

There was about five people in line and no one said anything or looked at me funny. Everyone was nice and courteous. There was a young guy with ear plugs dancing to the music on his phone. We looked at me going in and out and I just smiled and kept going.

At the check out, there was a young couple in front of me. They ordered two sandwiches and the young lady pulled out a $100 bill. The cashier could not accept any bill larger than a $20. So I offered to pay for all three because I was hungry and I felt that this was a good time for some positive karma to be sent out. So I used the 3 foot longs for $15 price and bought all three. The young lady kept thanking me and left.

It ended up costing me about $10 extra, but both the Karma and "public relations" as a Femboy doing good, was worth it. At least she and her boyfriend will remember some feminine older guy bought them lunch and helped them.

Over the last month, I have had two flat tires. In both cases, I did not have a car jack. So, on my way back home, I decided to go to AutoZone as a Femboy. These car parts places are a macho hangout. But after my visit to the lawn repair store last week, I was no longer afraid or apprehensive about these places. So I parked, covered my subway sandwich and walked in. There were guys everywhere. I found the jacks, picked the least expensive and headed for the front counter. The service guy treated me like any other customer. I asked him if this type of jack would work for my car. He said yes and asked me for my phone number to see if  I had a discount and a frequent user card. I gave him my number and my male name came up. I told him that was my name and he told me I had no coupons. The jack I picked up was in the discount section but was not discounted. I did not want to pay that much, so I asked if I could look for another one. He said OK and I found a better one that was on sale.

I bought it, but it was heavy. I was going to ask if some could take it out to the car for me, but I was staving and everyone else was busy.  I had to use both hands to hold it. I felt a helplessness and needing someone to carry it for me.

Someone did open the door for me but no one offered to carry it for me. Oh well, maybe next time.

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