Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday February 1, 2015 - Weight check in

January is over and its time for my monthly overview of my weight control system. In early January, I wanted to post every two weeks. Once I stopped drinking diet sodas and increased my daily caloric intake, my weight dropped into the 165 lb range and I can control it better.

So now I will only report on the first of the month about my previous month.

Today, my weight is 165.4, which is the same as my last post, about two weeks ago, when it was 165 lbs even. I only exercised twice a week completing 70 to 75 minutes of cardio. On exercise days I eat about 2,300 calories and on non-exercise days, I eat about 1,600 calories.

Keeping my weight steady these past two week was difficult because I took a trip to Orlando with my brother to see our Mother and be there with our sister for our moms 85th Birthday. I had a difficult time keeping my caloric intake in check as we eat out often. I tried to eat salads and stay away from sugar and soda.

My goal is to keep my weight in the 163 lb range, which I reached before I went to Orlando. When I got back from Orlando was weight was 168 lbs. But two days of exercise this past week and better eating habits, got my weight back down.

My goal for February is to reach and stay at 163 lbs.

By keeping my weight in check, I can easy stay in women's 8/10 sizes and it gives by body a leaner for feminine look.

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