Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday February 12, 2015 - My Electrology Session

Tuesday, I had my weekly electrologists session. I am toward the end as it took only 1 hour to clear my face. Over the past two years, I went to E3000 in Dallas for over 110 hours of work. I am now using a local electrologist to clear what remains.

I miss that Lidocaine, that e3000 uses. I do not have many whiskers left but the few along the lip line and under the nose are painful. I try to use breathing and relaxing techniques to manage the pain.

My electrologists asked me if it hurt because I remain so calm. She stated, I was her best patient when it came to handling that pain. I told her it hurt like heck, but I was trying to remain calm, to make it easier for her. And I just say to myself, once less hair, one step further.

However, the pain does cause my eyes to water. Last week, it made my mascara run. After the session, I went to the bathroom and had to remove the mascara that had run all over my cheeks. I was upset because I did not have any mascara to put back on.

So, this week, I brought my mascara with me and reapplied it after I cleaned up. Next week, I am not going to apply mascara until after I complete my session, because putting it on before the session is a waste. I know I am going to cry every week.

Yesterday's post was about how I felt while sitting on the horizontal chair having my face cleared. I talked about how vulnerable I felt. I just wanted my boyfriend/husband there to hold my hand and say everything would be ok.

Below is a photo of my face soon after my session. My lip area is red but will clear up shortly. It does feel great to no longer have to shave. It makes all of that past pain and the pain still to come, worth it.

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