Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday February 3, 2015 - Femboy Day

Every Tuesday is my femboy day. Last Thursday, I ended up working all day, even though I was dressed in Femboy mode. I did get out but it was work related and I had a great discussion with a young man about real estate. During that thirty minute talk, he did not react to my outfit.

Today, I am going out. I have my weekly electrology appointment, I need to drop off some paperwork at two location and I am going to visit my brother. I left my coat in his car when we went to Orlando and I am going to need my coat for my trip to Connecticut.

This will be the first time he has seen me in Femboy mode. But I came out to him a January and we talked about it again in Orlando.

I will let you know what happened in the coming posts.

Here is my outfit, for the day.

Its cold in Atlanta, so this outfit was built for warmth and femininity.

I have on black panties, bra and lace cami. Then black tights under my dark gray pocket leggings. My flats are black with black traps and buckles.Over my ankles and lower legs, I have on a set of grey leg warmers.

I have on a red sweater with an oversized collar. Inside the sweater collar is a white wrapped scarf. Finally, my grey/white pea coat and grey hat. The red sweater gives the outfit some pop and my jewelry will include red.

My jewelry includes my little kitty ring with the red bow that matches my red sweater. I do not have on a necklace, but I will add a red and silver set of bracelets.

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