Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday February 11, 2015 - Feeling Feminine and Sexy

Yesterday, I was feeling very feminine and sexy all day. Throughout the day, I shopped and ran errands without thinking about my appearance. However, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about how nice and pretty I felt.

The image captures my feelings during my electrology session as I laid on the horizontal chair. Usually, I am thinking about what I am going to do that day. But this time, I felt like snuggling and I felt so vulnerable laying there.

For the last five days, I have been dreaming and thinking about my life as a women.

I believe in Karma and that if you send out positive Karma and do good things for people, It will come back in  greater amounts. I also think there are connections between people that we do not fully understand. I know of people who have had loved ones, who lived far away, come to them on the day they died.

I have thought about someone and found out later that something happened to them.

I also believe it is possible that we had previous lives. (See ABC Primetime Story)

So for some reason I am connecting to my inner feminine self in a very intimate way. At this point, I do not know why.

Could it be possible, I had a previous life as a woman and that is where my transgenderism originates? I know it sounds crazy.

But what if its true and as I transition, I am connecting to memories from a previous life. What will happen as I continue and the feeling grow stronger? What will HRT do to these feelings?

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  1. I tend to feel the same way about Karma, dreams and past lives. There have been periods in my life when my dreaming has been intense and more often then not there is some element of me being dressed as a woman. I have had regular dreams where I am dressed in the styles of the 1930s, 1940s and to a lesser extent the 1950s. I was born in 1952 so the potential for these dreams being a recent past life fit the time frame. I have also had dreams where I was attired in the style of the 1890s and even earlier but most of the dreams have me in the styles of 25 years prior to my birth.

    Four years ago I used the drug Chantix to quit a 35 year smoking addiction. One side effect of the drug was the potential for vivid dreams.They were not kidding. The dreams that I had while on the drug and for 3-4 months thereafter were in full color, sound, music, context and much more memorable than typical dreams that tend to fade from memory quickly. There were also repeating themes. While I do not have a blog of my own I did start a 'dream diary' where I wrote down my recollections of the dreams.

    My wife also has strong feelings about karma, dreams and past lives. I have shared my dreams with her and she wonders if my desires to cross dress are rooted in a past life as a woman. One recurring dream I have had involved me being dressed in the styles of the 1930s while on a train. We recently took the auto train to Florida and on the way back we had 3 hours before dinner and she was OK with me dressed in a tank top, blue denim skirt, pantyhose and high heel pumps while in our sleeper compartment.

    I suppose none of us know why we have the proclivities that we do but karma and past lives as expressed in our dreams may make as much sense as anything else.