Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday July 17, 2015 - Shopping with my Daughter

Wednesday, my youngest daughter and I spent time playing with makeup and clothes. Thursday we went out shopping.

I decided to wear my yellow outfit with a red shell top. I do not have any shoes with yellow. so I wore my white flats. My jewelry was red based to highlight my red shell. I reduced my overall jewelry pieces because of my daughters advice.

I love my yellow outfit. It reflects how happy I am going shopping with my daughter.

My daughter was happy because she loves to shop and wants to get a better idea of my style.

My daughter needed some hair weave. So we went to the Beauty Supply store I bought my wig.. They are very nice and seem to have a good selection  of hair. So we started there.

I introduced my daughter to the clerk. She stated that we see the resemblance between me and my daughter. I left my daughter to search for hair weave while I looked at jewelry. I did not see any pieces I liked.

My daughter saw some hair but wanted to check some more stores. She agreed with me that they sales lady is real nice and she enjoyed talking with her.

We decided to go next door to look at some shoes at Payless. We had a good time. I tried on shoes that my daughter thought would look nice on me and I tried on shoes I liked. There was a difference and I must admit, I liked a boot she selected.

 Both my daughter and I liked this shoe. Its a nice sexy heel for going out to the club. However, I told my daughter, I am not a big club person. I never was. I use to like to meet people in smaller settings, like house parties and amount small groups of people just going out.

But I would by this pair for those nice outings with friends and family when I want to dress up.

The top strap would need some additional holes so that the strap to tighten around my small ankle.

My daughter picked out this boot. I would not have picked it because of the heel and my small ankle.

But once I tried it on, it felt comfortable and looked nice.

My daughter stated that this boot is very versatile and can be worn any season with pants, a skirt or a dress.

The brown color is a neutral color that can match with many different color outfits.
 This pink flat was cute and helped fill out my shoe collection. It was on sale for $10 with a 20% off coupon. That sealed the deal.

I bought this shoe. I can not turn down an $8.00 shoe that looks nice and fits mt shoe wardrobe.

My daughter like the shoe. I told her, this flat is a nice color that I can build around and that the price means, I can wait to build that wardrobe.

I like the little string bow on top and its just a nice feminine shoe that works well for me.

My daughter picked out this sandal. I told her that I did not like flat sandals because it makes my feet look too long.

However, one I tried it on, I could see what she was talking about. The straps broke up that long look and my feet did not seem too big.

But I told her I am not mentally ready for this shoe. I still feel it makes my foot look longer than I like. But not as long as I thought it would.
My daughter picked out this heel. I tried it on before and liked it. But the pointed toe bothered me. I like rounded toe heels because it makes my feet look smaller.

But this heel did not make my feet look longer. But it was a tight fit. I would need this shoe in a 12 wide or 13 size.

Its a nice overall heel that can work with many different colors and outfits.

Once we left the shoe store, we needed to go eat and then get back home. I had a drywall guy coming in one hour and then I had to give presentation about real estate to a group of homeowners in two hours.

So we cut the shopping short and decided to pick it up July 27, 2015 with all day shopping  from 10 am until we drop.

We both enjoyed our time out and that 2.5 hours was not enough time.

My daughter and I had a good time talking about enjoying each other's company. She is planning on moving to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. At 24 with no husband or children along with her education and work experience, I told her to go for it. You do not want to look back with regrets. I remember in high school she said she wanted to go out to LA.

She will be leaving in August and I will miss her.


  1. That was a perfectly wonderful post about your loving daughter. You are blessed

    1. Yes I am. I can tell the difference in my daughter's reaction based on their age. This daughter was truly brought up in the social media age. Also being very girly, she loves shopping and girl talk.