Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday July 12, 2015 - Sunday Church Service

I remember going to church on Sunday with my family. Of course I wore suit or pants with dress shirt and jacket and tie. I use to hate it.

My sister and mother wore such pretty and colorful dresses. My  dad and I would say how pretty they looked, as they came down the stairs to exit the house.

It is funny, because in talking to my sister (11 months longer than me), she said she hated getting dressed up for church. She would have been happy is a plain dress or pants with a nice top.

As a young girl I liked the frilly dress with the white shoes. I remember playing after church and wishing I was wearing a dress like the one on the left.
 As a young teen, the more "mature" dress with the white shoes and the small heel. The dresses were shinny with a hemline below the knee. The white boxy heel was nice. I remember the girls stopped playing and running around and would sit and talk about things. I do not know what they talked about, but I would have loved to join the group in a nice dress with my hair down my back and something colorful in my hair.
As an adult, I love the styles and colors of the women church suits. My mother wore hats like the picture below but I do not like the big hats.

Maybe, if I grew up as a female, I might have gotten into the fashion show every Sunday with the big hats.

But I love the unique colorful dresses and shoes of that Sunday church outfit.

The church dress with the hat was a staple at my grandmother's church. My mother and grandmother would wear colorful dresses. They spend so much time getting ready and looking so pretty.

For me know, the hat seems over the top.

When I spent a week as Susan in Hilton Head, I went to church in a pretty dress. It was in 1994 and I did not get a picture.

I had a good time and felt so feminine and pretty that day.


  1. As a child in the 60s I remember watching all the women and girls wearing their dresses to church and being ery mindful of how nice their cloths were. It was a time when some women still wore seamed stockings and I would sit in the pew and keep count of how many women wore seamed stockings and how many wore stockings with seams and then trying to ascertain if the women were wearing stocking or pantyhose. It was the younger women and girls who started with the shorter skirts and dresses when pantyhose started to hit the market but the older ladies with their Sunday dresses held onto their stockings a bit longer.

    Just thought I would share my 50 year old observations with you.

    About a year ago I was out of town on business. I almost always take a supply of girl clothes in case the opportunity arises for an evening out while dressed. In my search for places to go I saw that a local "all welcoming" Catholic church was having an evening Mass. I put on my white and brown print dress, pantyhose, makeup, wig and low heeled shoes and went to Mass. Everyone was very welcoming even though I was one of the better dressed attendees. After Mass I changed into higher heels and I went first to a coffee house that was welcoming and then out to a bar for a few adult beverages. It was a wonderful night to be out and about while fully dressed.


  2. oh my yes when i was very little i used to see little girls in their oh so cute pretty dreses skirts and i secretly wanted one of them to take me aside and get me all alone and than just ask me what i really wanted and i would reply i wanr=t to be your sex i just really do want to be a permanent little girly so that than i too could be wearing girly cloths dresses skirts slips panties i want to be a girl too oh my yes please and than she would kiss me and i would just melt away into girlhood! and i still want this even today oh oh just to finally be a little girly!