Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday July 16, 2015 - Makeup time with my daughter

Yesterday, my youngest daughter and I spend a couple of hours playing with makeup and clothes. It was so much fun.

We played with my makeup and she taught me how to apply it better.

We stated with foundation. I have an old foundation bottle from Fashion Fair. My daughter does not use foundation and said my skin was so smooth, I did not need it.

But mentally, I need it. I was happy she thought I did not need it, because its been a week since my last electrology clearing and she did not see much hair.

I did not put on any foundation because my bottle is so old. I need a new bottle before I use any.

I applied some blush at the apple of my cheek bone and blended it up and behind my eyes. Also, I blend it down.

We concentrated on my eyes. I recently purchased some creme eyeliner that comes in a small narrow tube. My daughter uses liquid eyeliner for its more dramatic look.

She showed me how to apply my eyeliner both above the eyelid and below along the bottom lid that is above the bottom lashes. She told me not to apply liquid liner that way on the bottom because it will spread into the eye.

So I practiced on eyeliner and then removing it and trying again. I am going to add this to my Femboy look so I can practice. I am going to buy some liquid eyeliner, so I can practice with both types.

I am pretty good with lipstick, mascara and eyebrow liner because I apply those three items when I go out. I applied them for my daughter, so I could get some tips on better applications.

We played with different looks and styles and just talked about makeup and finding good brands.

I moved to my closet and showed her my dresses and femboy outfits.s She said she wanted to get a feel of my style. One recommendation was to add some cardigan sweaters to my wardrobe.

She liked my colorful summer skinny jeans and the tops. I tried on a variety of outfits and she showed me how to better mix and match the clothes.

After we finished, we decided that on Thursday, we will go out and window shop. I can not wait.

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