Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday July 25, 2015 - Watching ladies at the Casino

Last night I was walking the casino floor with friends and business associates. I made a mistake and had some coffee at 11 pm. I normally do not drink coffee. So it kept me up until 3:00 am.

During my walk, I was watching what women my age were wearing. There were plenty of young ladies in heels and short skirts. But at my age most of the women were in pants, pull over tops and sandals.

Very few of them were in dresses with even low heels.

I did get a hazy picture of one mature lady in a pretty dress. Her style was similar to mine.

I liked her dress. The color, hemline, sleeves and plunging neckline gave a youthful sexy but mature look. She had on some cute black mules that highlighted her nice legs and feet.

She was not wearing much jewelry. I would have added at least a necklace, bracelet and ankle bracelet. But maybe that would be too much jewelry.

Her hair was short and cute because it showed off her cute face. She did have bangs. For me, I like shoulder length hair. I would pull my hair back and add some bigger earrings.

Overall , I like her look. It was amazing to me that so few mature women had that look while out for the evening.

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