Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday July 30, 2015 - 6 month eye exam

I really like my Tuesday outfit. It was cool and the top hugged by body. The long hemline gave it a dress look with leggings under them. I usually do not like horizontal lines, but this top worked.

Over the past four years, ever six month I must get an eye exam. I have developed glaucoma, which my father had and my brother has.

Tuesday was the first time I went in Femboy mode.

The secretary who has been there over four years said hello and had me fill out a new form since my last appointment was in late 2014.

I filled out the form, signed it and sat down in the waiting room. There were five people ahead of me and nobody seemed to notice me. I went into the unisex bathroom to check on my looks and add some lip gloss.

I sat down back in the waiting room, surfing the net until my name was called. I was the second person called and went in to have a battery of tests and answer some questions.

Everyone treated me the same as always and most people did not use any pronouns. There was one male technical who constantly used sir. That stood out to me but was not a problem. We will see in the future when I present as a women full time.

I had a good repore with the first doctor and I freely talked about some eye issues I was having. But basically I still have 20/20 vision with my glasses and my blood pressure is 110/80 which is good.

I had on eyeliner, mascara, blush and eyebrow pencil. I wanted to see how wearing makeup would impact the test proceedure. The first doctor added drops into my eyes. I had to dab the excess water without rubbing the eyeliner and mascara. So I took a tissue and pressed it along the bottom of my eyelid to force the water over the top of my eyelid and onto the tissues without rubbing or washing off my makeup. I did get some makeup on the tissue, but not much. I was hoping I did not have my makeup running down my face.

I have noticed over the years, how women with eye makeup on handled touching around the eyes. It was cool to have that problem and try the wipe away the excess water without smearing my makeup.

The next technician I had was an older lady who had to run some tests. She liked my hat and told me to take my "cute" hat and glasses off. It was nice to get some kind of compliment. I did not feel ignored but I know understand why some women wear an unique piece with each wardrobe. This creates a talking point and a possible compliment.

I mentioned to the tech that I was worried about my makeup rubbing of during the test. She stated that she understood and will work hard to not get too close to my eyelids. She did accomplish that.

The next tech was the only male in the office and he was the only person to use pronouns. He used only male pronouns of  "Sir" and "him". That was OK with me but I did not notice any of the other staff refer to me as "Sir" or "him". They either used my first name or just talked with me with a reference.

In the future, when I notice that, I am going to ask why that person used a male pronoun. I want to start a conversation about how I am presenting and why they would use male pronouns. This would be a positive interaction and a point for education for both of us.

I was moved into the second, rear waiting room which was full. I found a chair and sat down. There were older men and women, a teenage boy and two young pre-teens.  The young children looked my way and then continued to play and everyone else looked and quickly moved on.

I worked on my phone and searched the web. Eventually, everyone was served and I was the last to see the second doctor.

She was much more distant that the first doctor and I think that is her demeanor.

I mentioned to her that I liked her shoes. She had a nice open toe 3 inch heel. She smiled and said thank you.

After 2.5 hours, I checked out with an updated prescription and some samples of drops for dry eyes.

I had no trouble and felt very comfortable at the office. All day, I felt normal and comfortable out in public. These days make my non-femboy day very dysphoric.

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