Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday July 7, 2015 - Electrology Session today?

Today is my electrology session and Femboy day. Recently, I have been working hard at home and still dressing in my Femboy outfits but not going out.

However, I have work to do today and will reschedule my appointment to tomorrow. I need a pedicure and some clothes. I will run those errands tomorrow.

Sunday, I wrote about watching Brothers. I also wrote a post in a FTM subreddit about my experience, watching Brothers. I suggested that maybe some Transwomen and Transmen can help each other navigate through their new lives.

For example, I had a female student who transitioned. We became friends and I would give her advise from a male point of view. She is now married to a nice lady and we still talk. As a side note, she is now a manager at a local AMC theater. She just sent me an annual pass for two free movie tickets at any AMC theater for 12 months. She listed me as her father under the family and friends program.I was honored.

This may sound odd and I do not know how to say this correctly, but some mature Transwomen could become something like a "father figure" to a Transman and visa-a-versa.

Below is my subreddit post and the comments concerning this issue. Based on some of the comments, there might be interest. Being in Atlanta, there is a relatively large MTF and FTM community. I am going to investigate this further.

I am a mature Transwoman, who is just starting her journey. I learned something by watching S2 E1 of Brothers. * /r/ftm

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