Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday July 14, 2015 - Shoe shopping

Yesterday, I had hoped to spend most of the day shopping. However a very important meeting was scheduled in the middle of the afternoon. So I only got to go to a few places before I had to go back home and change.

I started out going to fill my gas tank. After I got gas by paying at the pump, I decided to go to Smoothie King to purchase a Yogurt-D Lite smoothie as a meal replacement. It was $5 medium day.

I ordered my smoothie from the young lady at the register and then waited with the other customers to pay and pick up my order. The lady asked the usual question of a name for the order.

I did not know which name to give, Susan or my male nickname chip. I decided quickly to use chip because I was not presenting female but as a feminine guy. However, I need to start using a name that is both male and female, like Leslie, Pat or Jamie. I will pick one by tomorrow.

I went to Payless Shoes to find some shoes. As usual, they were having a sale. Below is a slide show of what I tried on. I like the selection from Payless Shoes much better than the selection from Shoe Show.

I did not purchase any shoes because I need summer clothes more than additional shoes.

I felt very comfortable trying on shoes with other ladies in the same area. I had the sales lady look for some styles I liked that were not in my size. If they did not have it in my size, I could have asked the lady to locate the shoe at another store and I would get a $4.00 off coupon. However, I decided not to do that, because I knew I was not buying today.

The sales lady was very helpful and remembered me from a previous visit. The flats I was wearing today, I bought from this store and she was the clerk that day.

Before I finish this post, let me comment on my outfit. The difference today, was a nice orange top with lace along the collar and hemline. I had a shirt over the spaghetti strap top because I was not wearing a bra. I did not have one  that went with this top, it was thin and you could see thru it. As long as I kept the shirt open and straight up and down I was OK. The top made the outfit feel very feminine as the hemline crossed my hips and gave a line line below the belt.

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