Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday July 8, 2015 - Electrology Session and Shopping

Yesterday, I had to reschedule my electrology session until today. Also I am going to do some shopping. I still need some more summer tops and I am always looking for some shoes.

Last night was an exercise night. I changed my exercise schedule to see if it will impact my weight. On Tuesday and Thursday, I complete 135 minutes or cardio. The first 15 minutes are a warm up on a stair master. The 2 hours on an elliptical machine.

To the left is a picture of my outfit from last night.

On reddit, I was asked about showering. I dress at home and after my workout, I put on a female warm up jacket and pants to absorb moisture. Then place a towel around my neck and head home. I shower at home. I do use the men's locker room to store my warm up clothes. keys and towel. I have not no problems at the gym or locker room.

I feel very comfortable  and have not noticed any comments or stares. Everyone is busy with their workout. I walk around and take a 2 minute water break at the 60 minute mark.

The men ignore me and some women smile and say hello and I return the salutations.

My base outfit was green with a long green top t-shirt, green shoe laces and green ankle socks. My leggings and under t-shirt were grey. I love the tight fit and it shows my hard work. The outer t-shirt is long enough to cover my hips.

I need two t-shirts because I get very sweaty. My under t-shirt and leggings (at least to the thighs) are going to end up soaked. The outer t-shirt will get wet but also provides a good cover.

I worry about next summer, when on HRT, my breast growth will change my outfit. I will probably have to go with an oversized outer t-shirt and a racing bra.

I will discuss my electrology session and shopping tomorrow.

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