Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday July 9, 2015 - Yesterday's Electrology Session

Yesterday I  went to my bi-weekly session. My face is getting clearer. It still took about an hour and my mustache area still makes my eyes water. But I am getting close to the end.

For some reason,  my "eletro-zaps" hurt a little more. I usually have my session at 10 am and I am the first of the day. Today, my appointment was at 2:00 pm and I felt a slight difference in my tech's pace and the feel of the current. I do not know if it was her, me or both. But we got through it.

I will be out of town during the week of my next session, So, I will have my next appointment on July 28th, which is 3 weeks out. I wonder how much hair there will be after three weeks of no shaving or clearing.

It was hot in Atlanta. The temperature was in the 90's but it felt like 100+. July and August provide that heat and humidity that gives Atlanta that

I still have a ton of work, but I wanted to get out and at least shoe shop.

I went to Shoe Show looking for some colorful flats. I saw a pair of dark blue that were like the white pair I was wearing, but they did not have it in my size.

The store employee helped me look for that shoe in my size. We talked about that style and since I was wearing the white version, I told her I liked how cool they kept my feet. She complimented me on my pants and how well the shoes looked with them. I learned from my trip to the car rental store, to accept the compliment and not worry about a lack of a compliment on the rest of my wardrobe. My friend at the rental store told me that women usually compliment what they like best and it might not me a rejection of the rest of the wardrobe.

I told her I  like capri length in the summer time. One reason I wanted some more flats, were to match them with some new capris I wanted to buy.

I tried on the following two pairs. I did not like the open toes flat with the open side. It made my feet look too big. I liked the heel, but I am not in a heel buying mode. I need to conserve my cash for other items. The ankle strap was tight which is a must because of my small ankles.

I did get a pedicure. I will post some pictures and write about that tomorrow.

Here is my complete outfit.

I wore my white capri pants and white flats. I love these pants and will buy some more in the coming week. I added a dark green spaghetti strap top and a nice white, green and red shirt.

I reduced my jewelry slightly, based on my daughter's recommendation.

It was nice to get out and about again. I will be in all day today and Friday working. I am wondering if my lack of daily actively, is causing my slight weight gain.

But everything I am doing is computer based and occurs in the virtual world.

Welcome to the future.

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