Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday July 3, 2015 - New Girls on The Block

I finished watching the five episodes of New Girls On The Block. I found them on Youtube.

I am not really a reality show person. Living in Atlanta there are many really shows produced here and I have had students working on various production staffs. So I kind of know the behind the scenes drama and staging that occurs.

Once I was asked to participate in a show as a College Professor in which the son of one of the reality regulars was going to visit my college. The parents and son were going to sit in my class. I was asked a students taking my course who was on the production team. The school turned down their request, so it did not occur.

My overall opinion of the five episode show is that it was a good show. I did not have high expectations because you can not expect a show to solve or even show all of our issues. Especially when all of the cast is all MTF.

But the show was well done yet some time predictable and even preachy. They seemed to make sure they touched as many hot button TG issues as possible:

  1. which bathroom to use
  2. can MTF participate in women's sports
  3. weddings
  4. marriage when husband transitions
  5. family issues

It did seem to me that the girls were truly friends and not strangers thrown together and asked to act like long time friends. There are six main characters in four relationships. Each relationship is different and that creates the opportunity to explore TG issues.

Robyn and Andrew are dating and living together. I like that it shows a genetic male can have a good and loving relationship with a transwoman. The fact that Andrew's parents have an issue with the relationship is realistic and showing how the couple deals with that, is good.

But too much time was sent on Robyn wanting to marry. We did not learn much about Robyn other than she wants to marry. I suspect her family did not want to participate in the show.

Sharon and Macy are a married couple and the impact on Macy transitioning while married was an issue I could relate to. I liked that Sharon helped Macy but was upset about the impact on his transition on their relationship. The series ended without finding out what Sharon was going to do.

Is she leaving or staying in the marriage?
Chloe and Kassidy are friends and were once roommates.To me Chloe's personality was the one I did not like. She seemed to negative with biting sarcasm. But she was good for the show because it showed that we are all not the same. It was nice that her brother supported her and tried to help, even if Chloe did not want the help.
AlYana and Jaimie are dating and living at Jaimie's mother's house. This couple allowed the show to deal with family support.

AlYana has only her mother's new found support while Jamie has her mother's full loving support.

They added Jamie's sports activity and the issue of transwomen participating in women sports.

Overall, I like the show and hope they have future episodes. I would like to know:

  1. More about Robyn and her background
  2. Andrew and his parents (Siblings?)
  3. Does Macy and Sharon stay married?
  4. AiYana and her family


  1. I liked the show too - and felt that a 5 episode run was way too short. But I guess that they didn't want to piss off the people in the bible belt too much....

  2. I think it was a test to see the ratings. I found an interview with the producer who stated that he had been shopping the show for two years. Discovery wanted to test viewership before committing to more shows.