Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday July 10, 2015 - Pedicure

After my Wednesday electrology session, I went to get my periodic pedicure. I go to the same nail salon each time. I go because the owner is very nice and has always been very accepting of me. When I first started going this past winter, she welcomed me and I felt at home from the beginning.

So when I arrived, she said hello and my technician started my foot bath. I love having a pedicure and my feet look great afterward. Part of my daily routine includes putting Vaseline on my feet. My bi-weekly shaving includes my toes. So once my nails are done, my feet look cute. I think well manicured feet are an important part of being feminine.

Today, I really needed one because my toe nails were getting long and my toe nail polish was chipping. Usually, I would have gotten a pedicure last week, but I was so busy.

There were a few ladies in the salon. Every lady I have encountered women at the salon, they have been either been too busy on the phone, smile at me or say hello. I have yet to have a stare or negative comment. There have been a couple of guys who were getting pedicures while I was at the salon. They always ignore me. Most men do, I have had a few times when male employees not only say hello but we have had a short conversation.

I walked into the salon saying hello, smiling back at the customers that smile at me and walk over to pick out my polish. I am like an old pro now. After I get my polish, I go to the chair my tech has setup for me.

My tech is from Vietnam and is learning English. She still has a long way to go, but she is getting better and has learned a few new words by my next visit . I am bad enough with English, so learning another language has always been tough for me. But I decided last time I was here, I would try to learn a few words. Last time I learned to say hello and good bye. This time I did not learn any words before I came. But I am going to learn yes and no for my next visit.

Darn, I forgot my flip flops. Usually, I bring my own flip flops. I have an inexpensive pair of women flip flops I bought at Payless Shoes. I bring my own because the pair they provide are not long enough and my heels are hanging over the back.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened during my pedicure. I was tired and actually dozed off for a few minutes. They usually have a few women magazines, but they did not have any that day.

One interesting event did happen. A young lady and her female friend came in to get a manicure. As she walked in, she said " hi ladies" to everyone in the salon. I looked over to her and smiled and she smiled and she said hello to me again. That was nice.

Later we were both at the drying station and she and her friend included me in small talk about the hot weather and how much they like this salon.

Back to my pedicure, my tech did indicate how soft and smooth my legs and feet were. I took that as a compliment and it motivates me to keep up my routines. I just need to get some sun on my legs. Next time I am home alone, I am going to sun bath nude, in the backyard, to smooth out my color.

After my polish was dry, I paid my bill. I think $20 is a fair price given that I get a design of each big toe. I add a $5 tip. Maybe that is why my tech is glad to see me (lol).

I walk out in my flip flops they gave me. It gives me a few more minutes in the sun for my polish to dry and it gets me to show off my pretty feet. Once in the car, I put my flats back on and drive away.

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