Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday July 26, 2015 - Too many Transgender shows on TV?

The Huffington Post ran an article that asked the question, "Are there too many transgender TV shows?

My answer is no.

Sure there are good and poor shows and some of the shows are very similar. But for decades, we have been shown in only a negative light.

So how can there be too many positive shows? Even if the show is poorly done, its this trial and error period that will create long running shows and bring our community into the general community.

This is the early experiential period. We will reach a point where transgender characters are part of the cast within regular shows (Doubt, Fall 2015). These charactors need to morph from a stand alone transgender character to well rounded embedded character who happens to be transgendered.

Whether drama, comedy, science fiction or horror, transgender characters will emerge as regular characters that deal with a special issue(s).

Its at that point, we will have reached a milestone. I do believe, we must never stop demanding access into the mainstream. Even if we personally do not want to go mainstream.

Are There Too Many Transgender TV Shows?

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