Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday January 22, 2016 - Making my Makeover appointment

I learned from my last department store makeover that I need to call ahead of time and set an appointment. So I called the three Fashion Fair counters in Savannah to make an appointment. Now I have not started voice lessons yet, so I am decidedly male on the phone.

The first store I called asked me if my appointment was for my wife. I said no, its for me. She paused and then asked for my name. I thought about using Susan King, but instead I gave my male name. As she wrote it down I asked what times were an available for Friday. She stated that the lady will be in from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Then she asked me again what time my wife would want to come by. I told her again it was for me and 2:30 pm was fine. She said OK and we hung up.

I said to myself, how come a man can not get a makeover. Now I will be there as Susan, but so what if a guy wants to try on makeup. The clerk was obviously shaken but was polite and did her job.

For me this was a mental break thru. I would have never done this in the past because I was too embarrassed. I am not longer embarrassed.

This it is who I am and I am going to accept it and enjoy my life the way it should be and do what makes me happy. I am tired on looking thru the window and wishing for what I want. I am going to get what I want.

The second store I called was different. The clerk sounded younger and I told her I wanted to make an appointment for a makeover, she asked for my name and offered me some time slots. She stated that there was a two item minimum purchase after the makeover. I told her that was fine because even if I decide to not buy the foundation, I will buy some lipstick, blush or eye shadow.  I took an early time and she thanked me for calling. WOW, no issue, just good service.

The third store asked if the makeover was for my wife. I told her no and that it was for me. She offered me a couple of time slots and took my name.

I have decided I am going to choose between store #2 and #3. I think the clerk at store #1 is not use to the gender issue and may not have the experience to do a good job.

When I had my Clinque makeover, the clerk stated that she had worked with "crosssdressers" before. So I felt more comfortable with her.

I am excited about my makeover later today.

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