Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday December 4, 2015 - RuPaul

I knew RuPaul when he was in high school. I had just started teaching and I had a TV show on the local access station. The show was called "Economic Issues". I interviewed people about the local economy. RuPaul was a regular on an evening talk show that was on the same local cable channel as my show...

He was so funny as a high school kid, talking about life in school. I use to watch the show all the time. One day at the station I met him and I told him how well he was doing on the show. After that, I would see him every so often.

The last time I saw him in Downtown Atlanta. He said he was moving to New York to see if he could make it. I wished him luck and gave him some money toward his bus ticket.

I never met him again, But I am so glad he made it and to find out later we had more in common than we knew.

Photos of RuPaul back in the early 1980.s.


  1. Why not contact RuPaul, and say hello? I'll bet that he remembers your act of generosity and would love to see you when you're both in the same area....

    Famous people usually remember their roots more than you might think. Years ago, a well known actress (not a star, but someone always getting work and would always be a co-star) was talking to a friend about her family (which came from Eastern Europe) and mentioned a very unusual family name from which she was descended. And her friend mentioned that he knew of someone by that name who lived in my town (a friend of mine). One thing led to another, and these two long lost relatives reconnected - even though they never met before....

    Although both people have since passed away, I will give you a clue about who this lady is - she played the wife of a psychiatrist in a very popular, long running series....

  2. I remember the B-52's video of Love Shack and everytime MTV showed that, something always struck the transgender gene in my brain. Then years later I found out the really tall girl was Ru Paul. I may not have Gaydar but my Transdar was working real well.