Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday December 26, 2015 - Special day with my friends.

I had a very nice Christmas day. It was very warm outside (75+), so it did not feel like Christmas. I had eleven people over for dinner with two of my older children cooking dinner. Wow, they did a very good job of cooking. The food was good. Again I ate too much, but it was worth it.  So its back in the gym for me.
We use to spend time after dinner playing cards and board games.

Now we spend time looking at youtube videos.

I mentioned that my youngest daughter is a TV reporter. Her college roommate is also a reporter and during only her second live interview, something so unique happened that it went viral. Even Saturday Night Live did a skit on it.

The reporter called my daughter right after this happened and thought it was a disaster. But the opposite happened and the report was offered a job at a larger TV market within two months.

Today, I am driving to Savannah (4 hrs one way) to hangout with three of my friends from my days in New Jersey. We all grew up together but have lived in separate towns since High School. There were five of us, however one died in 1993.

This will be the first time all four of us have been together in 40+ years. Our friend who is still in New Jersey, married a lady from Savannah. He has accompanied her to Savannah for the Christmas Holidays.

Two of us live in Atlanta and the third one lives in North Carolina. So we will all meet in Savannah and hangout about 5 to 6 hours before we return home.

I hope we can make this an annual event. I have been thinking if I should bring up my awakening (transition) during out meeting.

1) I have told my family and these guys would be the closest set of friends whom are next on the list.
2) I do not think there would be a negative reaction

1) Being selfish - we have so much to talk about between family and work over the past 40+ years, so  will   my issue overshadow the event
2) Hopefully this will be an annual event, so next year after 6 months of HRT, I can tell them.
3) I can tell them in 2016, one-on-one, then come out in the meeting of 2016

I will let you know tomorrow.

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