Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday December 13, 2015 - Bought some new sneakers

Saturday was a quick outing. I needed some new female sneakers and some makeup.

I started by going to my local Shoe Show store. I no longer worry about going into a store that I shop in both boy or Femboy mode. Most stores in the area have seen me in both modes over the past year.

The shopping area was busier than usual. Probably with Christmas shoppers. It just does not feel like Christmas with the weather so warm.

I parked the car and walked into the store. Both the parking lot and store were busy with shoppers. I am no longer nervous about being out. I just let my femininity shine (be myself) and off I go.

I entered the store to a chorus of welcome from the staff. They were busy with a line of customers. I lightly waved while moving my fingers slightly. I decided to check out any new flats or heels before heading to the woman sneaker section.

There was a lady trying on a silver peep toe heel. She asked me how to get the second shoe. In this store, only 1 shoe is in the box and you must ask the clerk to pull the second shoe.

I told her that she must ask the clerk to pull the second shoe from the back. I loved the shoe on her and told her so. She replied with a thank you and that she agreed.

We ended up having a nice long conversation of girl talk. We are close in age and body size as she lost a lot of weight recently.

She lost over 60 pounds. The problem was that she lost the weight due to the death of her niece. I gave my condolences and stated that I recently lost my mother. She returned the condolence.

She lost her weight quickly by not eating and is now down to a size 12. Stated that she is still losing weight and has gotten below her target.

I mentioned that I did the same thing. I wanted to stop at 175 lbs but forced myself to stop at 162 lbs. She asked how I stopped the weight loss. I told her that I had to put calories back in my meals. I added more mayonnaise onto my subway sandwiches and included potato chips instead of apples.

I am a size  8/10 which is a good size for me. Any smaller and I look like a bobble head doll. I told her that her size (12) looks good on her. Because she lost so much weight so fast, she has excess skin and is going in for some skin removal and face and breast lift. I asked her if she was going to have all of this done at one time. She said no and that it will be over two operations with the body first and the face second.

I thought she looked great and did not need any work. She smiled and said shapewear works wonders on keeping excess skin in place. I noticed no wedding ring, so I smiled and said it also keeps the men coming. We laughted.

I asked her, if she works out because she can use exercise to control her weight and tone her body at the same time. I told her I use to go the LA Fitness but joined Planet Fitness at only $10 per month. A new Planet Fitness is opening a few miles north of this shoe store. I love it and was headed to my location, south of this store, later today.

She said she would look into it. She was using a personal trainer but she stated that she was paying him to feel her up. We both laughed. I told her, he should pay her to trainer and if he was going to be touching all over her. I stated that some these male personal trainers are out of control. We both laughed again.

She asked what shoes I was looking for. I told her I needed some new sneakers but I always check this section for new arrivals first.

We talked about shoes. For her, these 2 inch heels are now high enough at her age. I agree and after my day out in Orlando last month, I am more careful about my purchases. As I get older, I can no longer wear very high heels.

She stated that  she enjoyed out talk and will try my suggestions about stopping her weight loss and joining Planet Fitness.

That was a nice conversation and I enjoyed it. Also, I saw a pair of shoes to try on. Excuse my toes. I need a pedicure bad. I am going to go on Sunday (today).

It was a cute shoe, but I could tell, they would hurt my feet if worn too long.

But they fit well. I would wear a pair of these to a Black Tie affair with a very pretty formal dress.

I have mentioned earlier that my parents use to attend many annual formal events. I still remember my Dad would dress in his Tuxedo and come downstairs and wait for Mom.

It would take a few times of him calling for her to come down so that they would not be late.

Then she would come downstairs and look so pretty.  We would all talk about how pretty she looked. I think my mother did this on purpose. Secretly, I wished that was me.

These shoes remind me of a pair she would wear to the event.

I put the these heels back and moved over to the sneakers. I could not find a pair in my size that were black. I want a black pair, so that when I match the shoe strings to my workout clothes, the black shoe color will match. I even looked for a white pair I found a pair in my size. My problem with white is that they may get dirty and require more cleaning than a black pair.

As I left, my new friend was in line to pay for her shoes. We both exchanged good byes as I left the store.

What a great experience. It reminded me of when I met my daughter's colleague at her job in Tennessee. I just felt natural and let my femininity flow.

Did this lady know I was a guy? Yes, I was in Femboy mode and not trying to pass.

Did it matter? No, she treated me like any other lady and I acted as one.

Well, my next stop was Payless Shoes. It was crowded. But I found a pair of black sneakers in my size for $27. I had a 20% off coupon and bought them.

I went to the checkout counter and the male clerk was so nice. We was joking and talking with all of the customers.

When it was my turn, he stated that he had a pair of sneakers like these. I said to myself, "What does that mean?". He knew they were women sneakers.

But we continued to talk as he joked about the great deal I was getting with my coupon. I told him that is why I shop at Payless. I told him that I saw a pair of flats I wanted but that even with my coupon, it was outside my budget.

He suggested I try back next week. If they were still there (the risk), the price drop. Here is a picture of that shoe. I love the lace. I may come back next week.

I left with my sneakers and headed home. I need to change and remove my makeup, so I could get my workout completed before the gym closed at 7 pm.

I got to the gym and completed 3 hours of cardio. I was exhausted but wanted to challenge myself.

As I head home from the gym, I felt physical and mentally great. I had a great day and can not wait to get back out for my pedicure.

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