Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday December 10, 2015 - My Grandson wore pink

I took my Grandson and Granddaughter to Goodwill so they could play with some toys. My Grandson decided to wear his sister's ear muffs. My Granddaughter was wearing her wool cap and he could not find his hat.

The pink ear muffs were decidedly "girly" because not only of its color (pink) but its attached ribbon was a nice touch.

I realized that unless someone said something, he had no problem with them. No one said a word.

I could only think that years ago, someone may have said something to him or me that boys do not wear pink, especially ear muffs that are fluffy and have a bow on them.

People are now use to males wearing pink. Men have pink shirts, ties and T-shirts. Pink no longer relates to gender. Even with the bow, it appears that those ear muffs, on a boy, do not bother people.


  1. That's certainly true about colors. When I was in management with that "little, tiny" local airline I wore pink shirts a lot. In fact all the shirts I wore were soft pastels, pinks, blues and greens. I didn't even own a white shirt. Only one person ever mentioned it and she was complimentary.

  2. Growing up in the 1960's and 1970's, pink was a no go on males. Anytime I showed a hint of femininity, adults would correct me. I am so glad that is disappearing. For me, once my parents knew my secret, they and their adult friends kept me in check.