Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday December 12, 2015 - My outfit

Today I spent a few hours out shopping. The rest of the day, I worked at home and worked out at the gym. I stated in the previous blog, that is was warm today (over 70 degrees) and all of my spring and summer clothes are stored away.

I was not sure if I wanted to go out as Susan or as a Femboy. Now there is not much difference. As Susan I wear my wig, maybe heels, foundation and/or a dress.

I decided to go out as a Femboy because I knew I would not be out long and I wanted to spend what little time I had shopping instead of getting dressed.

I bought some new exercise sneakers and some makeup. I needed to get a pedicure but I decided to wait until tomorrow. So I am going back out as a Femboy, to get my pedicure.

Below is my Saturday Outfit.

I wore red today. Had my red hat and red sweater. I did not add a necklace because their sweater's neckline was busy enough. The sweater was lightweight and you can see through parts of it. So I wore a red laced undershirt which worked well.

I added some skinny jeans and a multi-color princess style flat. For jewelry, I had on my red and purple bangles on one wrist and a red shell bracelet on the other. My earrings were red.

I thought about adding an ankle bracelet, but decided against it. No real reason why, I decided against it.

I added my makeup minus foundation. I need to solve a problem with my foundation. I need foundation on my neck and blend it onto my shoulders and chest. But I am getting the foundation on some of my tops that have a high neckline, such as turtleneck sweaters. I need to find out how to solve that problem.

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