Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday December 16, 2015 - Just a girl

I like this infographic and what it is saying. After this past year, I finally get it.

I spent too many decades hiding, denying, praying for, praying against and trying everything to deny my femininity.

Then recently, I realized, I am just like most girls who grew up too fat, too skinny, the nose is too big, too tall, too short, too light, too dark, too flat chested, too busty.....etc. 

Girls, like guys are teased growing up for being different. I remember not liking to tease people because deep down I would not like being teased for wearing girl's clothes. I kept it hidden so I would not be teased or worse.

However, most girls learn to accept and even highlight their differences (uniqueness) or solve it through change (physical and/or mental).

As an adult you see people out of the "norm" but its not middle school anymore and you move on. I might see a woman that is "too tall". I might wonder if she plays basketball but I do not go up too her and ask how is the air up there. I just move on.

I may see a woman that is too fat. I think to myself that she is unhealthy but I do not go up to her and call her fat or worse. I just move on.

I see guy with pants around there thighs. I just look and say I do not like that look and move on. I do not stop and challenge them or recommend they pull up their pants. I just move on.

I realized that I happen to be a girl that is too much male. So I am changing it both physically and mentally. But no one stops and tells me to take off those clothes or call me names. They may just look and move on.

Over the past year, I can not remember one negative interaction. However, I have had many positive interactions. 

I believe the public is accepting girls with too much male. Just like girls that are too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short........ 

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