Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday December 15, 2015 - Winter may show up

I can not believe how warm it is. It does not feel like a few days until Christmas. I need to get some decorations up.

Growing up in NJ, you associate cold with Christmas. I remember my mother demanding (lol) a fire at night and the hot chocolate. At 60+ degrees, it feels like spring or fall.

We use to take the train, the day after Christmas to West Palm Beach, Florida for a "second" Christmas day with my maternal grandparents. It was hot and we use to go to the beach. I would tell my parents that this was just not Christmas. It feels like that this Christmas in Atlanta.

Today, I was thinking about my winter wardrobe. I need to learn how to add sweaters to my winter dresses. It can be a nice look, if done right. I do not like those outfits with a skinny belt.

I do not like this

I like this look

Below is my Pinterest board of winter dresses

Follow Susan King's board Winter Dresses on Pinterest.

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