Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday December 7, 2015 - Saturday was a very nice day.

I finally realized I have been down and out the past month because of the loss of my mother. Losing one parent is was bad (Feb 2006) but now with both parents gone, there was a feeling of not just a the loss of a parent but the loss of an era.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny and warm day in Orlando. We rented a large house near Disney and had the ceremony outside behind the house and facing the lake. It was therapeutic to see so many of my parent's friends and get answers to questions about my parents. Now at almost 60, I have questions, I wish I could ask my parents. Luckily, there are still high school, college and professional friends still around who can answer some of them for me.

There were about 50 people and we had a nice party after the ceremony. Many of the attendees were people who attended my parent's annual summer and Christmas parties. So it was enjoyable to reminisce and put that part of my life to rest.

Now I am really to continue moving forward both in business and in my personal transition. I have not been dressing or going out much during this period of mourning. But I feel so much better today. As I work from home today, I will wear something pretty and that mom would like.

BTW, I have visited Orlando many times since my parents moved from New Jersey in 1977. Renting one of these houses, is the best way to visit Orlando.

The 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom house with three master bedrooms, pool, sauna, kitchen, living room, dining room, W/D, screened rear deck, pool table, air hockey table and free WIFI was only $225 per night.

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